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Iyengar Yoga - "a sign of excellence, clarity & depth of understanding"
Precise method of physical, mental & spiritual alignment.

Yoga is a traditional Indian discipline of great value for people today. As the ancient sages discovered, Yoga is a culture for the whole person through which one can gain and maintain a healthier body and mind.

Yoga pupils learn through a carefully graded and systematic programme of asana (posture). Pranayama (breath control) is gradually introduced. Yoga practice both relaxes and energises. It brings vitality, flexibility, strength, concentration, self-confidence and mental calm. Practising Yoga helps you to overcome stresses and strains, aches and pains and promotes a firm foundation of health and well being.

What is the Iyengar method of yoga?

The world's most widely-practised method of Yoga is that as taught by Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar of Pune in India. He has taught and practised Yoga continually for more than 65 years.

Iyengar's thorough study, understanding and mastery of yoga are unrivalled in modern times. Having taught on all five continents, he has won world-wide respect and recognition for his achievments and has made Yoga accessible and relevant to people all over the world.

What is the SWIY?

This is a group of practitioners of Iyengar Yoga, many of whom are also yoga teachers and has been in existence since 1985. Due to the large geographical area of our membership, this "virtual" organisation (as opposed to a building), serves strongly as a support network for informing its members and the general public about local workshops, events and classes in Cornwall and Devon. SWIY has over 20 teacher members providing classes for over 1000 people and organises many weekend workshops throughout the year taught by Senior visiting teachers.

As a member of SWIY, one automatically becomes a member of the national Iyengar Yoga Association (IYAUK) because SWIY is affiliated to this national organisation. As an SWIY member you will therefore receive twice-yearly national magazines, 'Iyengar Yoga News', as well as regular SWIY newsletters, discounts at yoga workshops, events (and national conventions), opportunities to purchase Iyengar Yoga books and to borrow videos and CDs.

Want to learn about and do Iyengar Yoga?

Yoga is definitely something to be experienced rather than just read about. If you would like to try Iyengar Yoga, take a look at the Teachers and Classes page to find a convenient class near to you which is suitable for beginners - it might say 'Beginners' or 'General' (all levels) or 'Foundation'. Contact the teacher to see if there is room in the class. Should the class be billed as 'Intermediate', this means students should have attended Iyengar classes for a minimum of 3 years and usually more than 5 years.

Once you start attending classes, find out from the teacher what to bring in the way of equipment/props - don't go purchasing lots of things before you know what you may need. You could bring a firm blanket or rug and one of your first purchases will probably be a non-slip yoga mat. Teachers will advise you on the best type of equipment and where to get it. Most teachers have some belts and blocks for class use, so you can see how to use them. Wear several layers of clothing in which you can move easily and you will need to practise in bare feet.

Do come along and try a class - it could be one of your best moves yet!

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updated 02/12/18

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